Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Veeti Vainio

Team: Espoo Blues u20
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League: Jr. A SM-liiga
Position: D
Born: 16th June 1997
Height: 6.2       
Weight: 170
Draft eligible for NHL Draft 2015

Size/StrengthBelow Average
Physical Play
Below Average
Offensive Play
Defensive PlayAverage
Hockey Sense
 Report Card – Excellent, Good, Average, Below Average, Poor

1. Puckhandling
2. Offensive Involvement
3. Pass

Area’s For Improvement
1. Physical Game 
2. Risky 1vs1 
3. Defensive Responsibility

Scouting Report:
An offensive Defender who loves to get involved offensively and joins rushes. He is an agile skater and has good speed. Possesses a hard, accurate pass which he uses for a good 1st initiating pass. A good puck carrier who has good movement with the puck and a decent vision. Often enters the zone with a lot of speed, though he tends to go into risky 1vs1 situations which could ending in leaving him in bad positions in a breakaway. Needs to improve his physical game and eliminate risky plays from his game. A defender with lots of ups and downs but if he can get rid of his flaws, he is a matured offensive defender who can initiate plays and setup good rushes.               

NHL Potential: Offensive Defenseman, who loves to get involved offensively and good skater.  

Style compares to: Christian Ehrhoff

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