Thursday, 4 December 2014

Denis Malgin

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Team: ZSC Lions
League: Swiss National League A
Position: Center
Born: 18th January 1997
Height: 5.9       
Weight: 176
Eligible for NHL Draft 2015

Size/StrengthBelow Average
Physical Play
Below Average
Offensive Play
Defensive PlayGood
Hockey Sense
 Report Card – Excellent, Good, Average, Below Average, Poor

1. Great Vision
2. Puckhandling
3. Offensive Play

Area’s For Improvement
1. Strength
2. Physical Play
3. Corner Battles

Scouting Report:
Denis is a very skilled playmaker with great vision for his line mates and excellent puck control skills. He has an accurate pass and likes to use it to setup plays and create scoring chances, which is his biggest asset. Often he prefers the pass over a shot, though he would have an accurate shot but needs to use it more often. His biggest area for improvement is his strength and physical play. Though he tries to get involved physical, he would need to gain a lot of strength to compete against NHL players. He needs to work on his balance, which can be seen when battling in corners or protecting the puck. However, in many situations he can correct his lack of strength with his good, agile skating skills. Often he moves smoothly within the offensive zone and positions himself for a good passing spot without getting noticed by the opponent defenders. He always seems to make the right decision and shows hockey sense. In his own zone he plays a responsible role and backchecks well. 

NHL Potential: Playmaker. Has a great vision and passing skills but needs to gain lots of strength

Style compares to: David Desharnais

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