Saturday, 6 December 2014

Jonas Siegenthaler

Team: ZSC Lions
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League: Swiss National League A
Position: Defence
Born: 06th May 1997
Height: 6.2       
Weight: 218
Eligible for NHL Draft 2015

Below Average
Physical Play
Offensive Play
Below Average
Defensive PlayExcellent
Hockey Sense
 Report Card – Excellent, Good, Average, Below Average, Poor

1. Defensive Play
2. One vs One
3. Stick Usage

Area’s For Improvement
1. Offensive Play
2. Shot/Scoring
3. First Pass

Scouting Report:
A solid defender with good size and strength. Is able to shut down opponent players. Uses his stick very well to interrupt plays and is excellent in preventing forwards from scoring on rebounds. Reads and understands the game well. His Size and strength allows him to get involved physical though could use his body more often to make plays. Needs to improve his offensive play and rarely gets involved in the opponent teams zone. First few steps need to be better but isn’t a bad skater, not very explosive though. Needs to gain strength in his shot and could work on his first pass which is always a secure one but rarely an opening pass. His pass is very strong though and receives passes well too. Very good at one vs one situations and stays calm and focused without panicking. Overall a very solid and matured defender with great defensive skills.   

NHL Potential: Stay at home defender. Plays solid defensive game but needs to imrpove his offence. 

Style compares to: Zbynek Michalek

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